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Thursday, 3rd August 2017

Yesterday, 2nd August 2017 the High Commission team led by Ms. Anne Katusiime the Charge’d’Affaires, attended the last campaign meeting of Candidate Paul Kagame of RPF at Bumbogo in Gasabo District. 

It was noted that the rally was for Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkontanyi) led by President Paul Kagame (incumbent) in collaboration with eight other political parties, namely; PSD (Social Democratic Party) led by the Minister of Environment and Natural resources , Dr.Vicent Biruta,  (PL) Liberal Party led by the Speaker of Parliament Donatille Mukabalisa, PDI (Party Democratic Islamic) led by Mr.Musa Fazil,   (PDC) Christian Democratic Party led by Ms. Mukabaranga Agnes, Liberal Social Party led by a member of Parliament, Mr. Jean Baptist Rukiraigango, PPC led by the Minister of State for Social Affairs, Ms. Mukabaramba Alvera, PSP led by Ms. Kanyange Phoebe, and Democratic Union of Rwandan People (UDPR) led by Mr. Nzeimana Pius.

The rally was attended by more than 500,000 party enthusiasts who chanted party slogans and songs of praise in support for the RPF candidate Mr. Paul Kagame. All the leaders of other coalition parties were given an opportunity to address the gathering. They all rallied the masses to support the incumbent for long lasting development, democracy, and rule of law.

On his part, Mr. Kagame lashed out at the western powers for their constant criticism of Africa and Rwanda in particular for what they call abuse of democracy yet in the recent elections in one of the Western Capitals, the masses after exercising their rights because it did not go in favour of the preferred candidate, they complained about electronic and cyber electoral interference.