Emergence Travel Documents

In addition to the issuance of visas, the Uganda High Commission in Kigali issues two kinds of Emergency Travel Documents to its nationals namely:

Certificate of Identity 

Multiple entry document valid for one (1) year for entry into the East African Countries (EAC), COMESA and South Sudan. The requirements for a Certificate of Identity are:

Expired Certificate of Identity or copy of expired travel document

2 passport photos

Proof of payment of RWF. 8,000 from I&M Bank.

Temporary Movement Permits

This is a one-way travel document to Uganda and it is valid for only three (3) days. The requirements for a Temporary Movement Permit are:

Original and 1 copy of the Expired travel document

Police report in case of lost travel documents

2 passport photos.

Proof of payment of RWF. 2,000 from I&M Bank.

Bank Details of the Emergency Travel Documents are as follows:

Bank Name: I&M Bank

Account Name: Uganda Embassy

Bank Account: 50053470644

\r\n NB: All payments should be made before submission of an application and are non � Refundable