Passport Issues

The Uganda High Commission to Kigali does not issue passports; therefore; the following should be treated as a guideline to applying for a Ugandan passport;


  1. Completed Form A
  2. Completed Form B
  3. Two (2) passport size photographs (50mmX50mm) must be coloured show all facial features and both ears. The photographs should have a clean white background.
  4. The old passport to be renewed/replaced

Please note that passports may be renewed six months before the expiry date. Passport Applicants should physically submit their requirements (1-4) to the following offices in Uganda;

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Dual Citizenship
Citizenship by Naturalisation
Work Permit Categories and Sub-categories

Uganda Immigration Department
The Immigration Office Uganda
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Plot 75, Jinja Road - Kampala
P.O.Box 7165 Kampala
Tel: 231031/342561/231641