Emergence Travel Documents

In addition to the issuance of visas, the Uganda High Commission in Kigali issues two kinds of Emergency Travel Documents to its nationals namely:

Certificate of Identity

Multiple entry document valid for one (1) year for entry into the East\r\nAfrican Countries (EAC), COMESA and South Sudan. The requirements for a Certificate of Identity are:

  • Expired Certificate of Identity or copy of expired travel document

  • 2 passport photos

  • Proof of payment of RWF. 8,000 from I&M Bank.

Temporary Movement Permits

This is a one way traveling document from Rwanda to Uganda and it is valid for only three (3) days. This kind of document is issued to Ugandan citizens who have   lost their travel documents such as their passports,temporary travel documents or whose traveling documents have expired while still in Rwanda among other issues;

The requirements for a Temporary Movement Permit are:

  • Original and 1 copy of the Expired travel document

  • Police report in case of lost travel documents

  • 2 passport photos.
  • Proof of payment of RWF. 2,000 from I&M Bank.

Bank Details of the Emergency Travel Documents are as follows:

  • Bank Name: I&M Bank

  • Account Name: Uganda Embassy

  • Bank Account: 50053470644

NB: All payments should be made before submission of an application and are non  Refundable